Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Drink for Febuary!

I felt like I should update, but I honestly haven't prepared anything.

I am working on a comic though. It should be pretty sweet, but it won't be done until after Valentines day.
I'm super busy making sweets for all my friends! I hope they like them!

Today's drink is more of a suggestion than an actual recipe.

A Valentines Punch (I feel bad for the poor slob who gets served some of this stuff)


Get a sparkling wine (any will do. You can also substitute ginger ale or sprite).

Jeez I'm using a lot of parenthesis in this post.


Get some grapefruit, pineapple, or any other light colored juice you can think of....You know what? this might not work. I was attempting to make something pink... But I think this will end up orange.


Get some pink lemonade, the white citrus Mountain Dew,  and some maraschino (thanks for the spelling help google!) cherries


Mix that crap together to taste, and garnish with the cherry.

Let me know if it's any good. I just made that whole thing up off the top of my head.


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