Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Circus Peanut Martini

I love circus peanuts! They are delicious... in my opinion at least...
So, for march I've made my first attempt at inventing the circus peanut martini!

Here is the recipie so you can try it too!

First you need to make some circus peanut vodka. This is easy.
All you do is measure out 8oz of vodka (this makes 4 drinks), and add your circus peanuts.
You need to chop the circus peanuts to bits so they disolve faster. I used 8 circus peanuts, this was not enough so try doubling that.  and stir until they have disolved (or almost totally disolved like I did.).

Just a note: this takes a while.

After you have made your circus peanut vodka, pour 2oz into your martini shaker, followed by 1oz cream liquer, and a bit of orange juice.

Pour it into a glass and you're done!

Here is a bad picture of it that I took with my phone:

Pretty cute right?

Remember to allways drink responsibly, and enjoy <3.

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