Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As I promised on my twitter, I made myself a prize upon reaching 100 tweets.

Here it is in all its adorable glory:

From left to right: Alice, Ashley, Andy, Me, Matt, Juli, and Brit!

I don't know how all the 'A' names ended up on one side but they did.

This picture is of my six best friends and I at an ice cream social. Do you remember ice cream socials? When I was in elementary school and we got on the honor role, we got to go to an ice cream social.

It was awesome.

I wanted to relive that through this picture.

Just think, if I put this much work into a prize for myself to celebrate accomplishing nothing, imagine  the work I would put into a celebration for actually accomplishing something!

No comic this month, I've been kind of busy. I'll have one for you next month though!

Love ya!

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