Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gas Station

This post was based on a true story.

Once apon a time I went to see some of my friends perform in a show.

It. Was. Awesome.

After the show, as I drove away my car started beeping at me. In my usual fashion I attempted to solve the problem by yelling at it. I yelled "WHAT DO YOU WANT CAR?!? SHUT UP!!" When this didn't solve the problem, I used my brain to figure out what was wrong with my car.

It turns out that my 'Low Fuel' light was on.

So I drove to the nearest gas station, pulled up to a pump, and went inside to pay.

Here is what happened next:

This continued on for several minutes until I finally got fed up with this guy.
This clerk just wasn't listening to me!

So then I'm like:

Yeah.... Oops...

I think he thought I was crazy... or on drugs... or just to dumb to realize that 20 gallons would never fit in my Chevy Cobalt LS coupe which has a 12 gallon tank, and that I came in and handed him a twenty dollar bill...

The End!

Love ya!


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