Monday, June 27, 2011

Talk Nerdy to Me

Hello again everybody!

Sorry about the late post, you wouldn't believe how busy I've been! I've been taking a summer chemistry class, and this is finals week! Not to mention I've been volunteering at the zoo, trying to finish several crochet pieces so I can launch my Etsy shop, and launching a new blog Playing Hooky, which is dedicated to my crochet.
Go check it out!

Anyways, I've had a lot on my plate lately.

Not to worry though, I'm already planning a drink for next month (remember the drink posts, they're back!) and a new comic as well!

Not only is there no drink this month, but there is no comic either. :(

Sorry guys!

But I do have some good news. What is it you might ask? Well it's very simple...

I drew illustrations of my Dungeons and Dragons characters!

Excuse me while I adjust my glasses, and tuck my pants into my socks.


Now, on with the post!

This is my first character, Kitty-kitty! Like Madonna, she has no last name. Kitty was actually based on a character I had created for a comic that I never ended up making. I still might draw that comic, and if I ever get around to it, than I'll post it on here for you guys!

Right now Kitty is level 2.She is a Razorclaw Shifter, and a Ranger. She has a shield guardian which she controls with an amulet she wears around her neck. She is feisty and free-spirited, and she won't back down from a fight. Her alignment is Good.
She is 25 years old.
Here she is:

Just a note: these all look better in person. My stupid scanner kind of bleaches out the colored pencil.

This next character is Māo Héshàng. He is also a Razorclaw Shifter. He is a monk.
I love Kung Fu so much, I just had to make a monk!

Māo is level 1, because I haven't had the chance to play as him yet. He is an all around sweet-heart, he doesn't fight unless he has to. His alignment is good.

So here he is:

Another note: Did I mention how crappy my scanner is? Good! Because it is! It kept cutting off parts of Māo's picture! This was the one that turned out the best, and look! It cut off half of my signature!

 I will be replacing this picture as soon as I get a decent print.

And Finally I have this picture:

The Drow on the far right is Dorchadas. He is my boyfriend's character.
He is an assassin.

In this picture Māo is concerned that Kitty-kitty and Dorchadas were arguing, and now Kitty is punching Dorchadas.

I hope you all enjoyed your journey into my nerdy side.

Love ya!

Oh, and I'll make more posts next month!

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