Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Depression Playlist

As many of you know I am Bipolar II.

As of late I have been battling a bout of depression.

That combined with my new job working for Native Floral is why I haven't posted anything new for a while.

But fear not! I'm posting something now!

Because of the depression, I haven't really felt like drawing at all lately. I did draw an illustration for the cover for my kung fu notebook.

I'll post it on here if you guys want to see it.

When most people are feeling down, they sometimes like to listen to sad music. It's like the sound track to their sappy little lives, and it makes them feel better.

When you have depression they tell you not to do that because it can actually make you feel worse.

Especially when some scum-bag blogger describes it as 'the sound track to your sappy little life'

Oh well.

I don't listen to this sound advice though.


Because I do whatever the heck I want that's why.

Anyways, I thought you guys might like to hear the sound track to my depression, and the reasons why I picked each track.

  1. 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash. Why? Read the title of the song again.
  2. 'Heartbreaker' by P!nk. Why? The chorus is "I won't be leaving here alive"
  3. 'Delia's gone' by Johnny Cash. Why? This song's about killing people.
  4. 'Tourniquet' By Evanescence. Why? Two reasons: A) This song is about suicide. B) It's an Evanescence song. ALL of their songs are sad.
  5. 'Marry the night' by Lady gaga. Why? This song is kind of dark. Also I just like it.
  6. 'Highwayman' by The Highwaymen Why? This song is about dying. It's also about reincarnation, but I ignore that part.
  7. 'My immortal' by Evanescence. Why? Remember reason B from two songs ago?
Ok, so it's not very long.
I mostly just replay the same song over and over.

I'll have a comic for you soon. I've been super busy at work due to the holidays.

Love ya!

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  1. You need to throw in a happy song here or there to help lift your mood! It's always good to follow your doctor's advise:)